Ross thompson

English-born composer and international concert guitarist Ross Thompson (b. 1967) spent his childhood in Puerto Rico before moving with his family to the United States. He began his study of the guitar at age 13. During his higher education, he completed his masters and post-graduate degrees at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and at the Royal College of Music in London. During his higher education Mr. Thompson’s principal guitar teachers were David Tanenbaum at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music (1994) and Carlos Bonell at the Royal College of Music in London (1991). During his secondary education he studied with Scott Kritzer in Portland, Oregon (Reed College, 1986). Mr. Thompson studied harmony and counterpoint with David Conte, Conrad Susa, Elinor Armer, and David Garner (San Francisco Conservatory of Music 1986 - 1994). In twentieth century composition techniques he studied with Alden Jenks and Robert Greenberg (SFCM 1992 - 1994).

He has been invited by a number of international festivals and schools to perform including the International Festival of Contemporary Classical Music (Lima, Peru FIMCCL), Leo Kestenberg Musikschule Berlin Tempelhof-Schöneberg (Germany), Mozarteum of Uruguay (Montevideo), Seoul National University (South Korea), National Conservatory of Music (Rio Gallegos, Patagonia, Argentina), Peruvian North American Cultural Institute, Lima (ICPNA), San Francisco Performances (USA), San Francisco Opera, and the National Conservatory of Peru (Lima). As a composer he has received commissions for original music from various institutions including California Shakespeare Festival (USA), Leo Kestenberg Musikschule (Germany), The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and the Institute of Nano Science, Seoul National University (South Korea). In addition to works for the guitar he has written for voice and string trio, Orfeo, a score of original music and text. He is a first prizewinner in the American String Teachers Association National Competition (ASTA). Ross Thompson has toured and recorded with guitarist Carlé Costa and flautist Natalia Kaminska-Palarczyk. He serves on the faculty of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. His dedication and excellence as a professor of guitar has earned him an honorary chair, dedicated in his name, in the San Francisco Conservatory of Music Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall.

Currently, Mr. Thompson lives in California. His compositions are published by DeSantisPublications, Berlin, Germany.



  • Winter’s Book 1995 Original Solo Guitar
  • Orfeo 1998 Original Voice and Strings
  • Dreaming 2002 Original Solo Guitar
  • Glowing Things 2007 Original Songs
  • South Mountain 2010 Original Solo Guitar


“Sounding like ‘Dowland meets the 20th Century’, Ross’s music is a very original and interesting creation. His use of polyphonic techniques and forms brings forth moods and ideas in a very natural and intelligent manner. He plays with wonderful sensitivity and clarity.”

- Dušan Bogdanović, Geneva Conservatory


"Ross composes music of distinctive character and fluent invention. His music seems to unravel and reveal new aspects one behnd the other. One moment nostalgic and wistful, the next moment full of vitality and dance-like energy. Ross plays his own music extremely well, with understated emotion and an unfailingly beautiful tone."
- Carlos Bonell


“The thinking of this guitarist composer runs directly, logically, and consistently with the crushing coherence of the contrapuntalist. His interpretations have the value of being extremely clear with far reaching control and supported by a brilliant sound and great presence. That is why the polyphonic texture from the shortest bursts to the long space of the Sonata develops with serene naturalness. A modernity absolutely not cryptical, that chooses the master road of the past to rephrase it by autonomy and originality, not an erudition or musical archeology but rather an exploration and appropriation of a language.”

- Elena Caneva


Seicorde, “Quei contrappunti chaiari e brillanti…”

- (Seicorde, International Music Magazine, Italy)