Eduardo Wilde

Eduardo Wilde was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1942. He studied Composition at the Universidad Católica Argentina of Buenos Aires with Roberto Caamaño, Gerardo Gandini and Francisco Kröpfl. He also studied composition with Joep Straesser at the Utrecht Conservatory, Netherlands.He is a member of the Asociación Argentina De Compositores and Ars Contemporanea. He has worked as a teacher of harmony, counterpoint and musical form at different musical conservatories of Buenos Aires.His opus contains a large variety of chamber music as well as numerous works for orchestra and choir.Mainly three succeeding musical periods can be distinguished throughout his works:

1. Neoclassical period, corresponding to the years immediately following his musical formation.

2. Atonal period, using Integral Serialism.

3. Neoclassical and tonal period, using classic tonality as well as non-functional tonality.